How to make money from your music…Is it possible?

by bottleprod

Musicians, oh boy, they have to be passionate about what they do, otherwise they wouldn’t exist. In today’s world, the music industry is next to impossible to get into. The ‘rulers’ of this business, sit in their air-conditioned offices, making phone calls, sending e-mails and get a big fat cheque at the end of the month, just because they have the right contacts in the right places. Meanwhile, great musicians are dedicating their blood sweat and tears to produce ace sounding tracks, busking in the streets, and sending countless emails and press kits just so maybe they get their music heard by the people sitting in their cushy offices.

Real musicians aren’t made overnight, just by winning a talent show, like Xfactor or American Idol. They are people who can’t help but live and breathe music, they depend on their music to earn a living and most of the time they have to starve, or suffer through cold winters without heating! The opportunities for undiscovered musicians to make some cash are slim. Their choices range between playing for 5 people in a bar, and an occasional good gig with maybe 20 people in the audience, or busking, which will cause them to spend 12 hours in a street to maybe make £30, enough to buy lunch and a bus ticket back home.

Personally I blame it on the new generation, of uneducated people, who buy music which is not really musical. Just beats but together to create a rhythm, made ultimately by a computer; something that anyone that can hold their tempo are able to do. Nobody cares about discovering new bands and artists. Nobody leaves the house to go to a local gig, instead everyone goes out to clubs and listens to noise that just makes you want to rush about and like a mad man (not in a good way). Or maybe is it me? Am I being mardy? I don’t think so though.